[sdiy] Polymoog Polycom chip block diagram?

Ben Stuyts ben at stuyts.nl
Fri Feb 18 00:29:23 CET 2022

> On 17 Feb 2022, at 22:44, Donald Tillman <don at till.com> wrote:
> I also may or may not remember seeing a Polycom chip block diagram.  The Polycom chip isn't designed in a modular way like most chips.  Ie., there are no recognizable subcircuits like current mirrors or diff amps.  So I don't think a block diagram would even apply.

Sounds interesting! Perhaps Ken Shirriff (righto.com <http://righto.com/>) could reverse engineer the Polycom chip, just like he recently did with the DX7 one. I don’t know if anybody has any broken ones to send to him?

> I'd recommend the patent.  Oh I forgot, it's on my Moog Patents page!
> http://till.com/articles/moog/patents.html

Thanks for the link!

Are there any discrete remake versions of the Polycom out there? 


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