[sdiy] Polymoog Polycom chip block diagram?

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Thu Feb 17 21:13:50 CET 2022

Nice to see you back!
I was wondering what happened to you.
Congrats on your new house and job!


W dniu 2022-02-16 o 19:15, Tom Arnold pisze:
> I seem to remember there was a block diagram of the Polycom chip in some
> piece of documentation.
> Oh and Hi if anyone remembers me. :-)  I moved across the country, bought a
> fixer-upper house and changed jobs ( at NASA now ) so I haven't been exactly
> synthdiy active for a few years but decided recently to dip my toes back in
> by working on the Polymoog because I'm an idiot or something.
>    -Tom

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