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Roman modular at go2.pl
Fri Feb 4 16:58:58 CET 2022

I've bought one too about 20 years ago because everybody talked about it. Just browsed it briefly once and put it on the shelf. Maybe picked it once out of nostalgic reasons. It already has very discolored back because of sun exposure, even though it sits deep in the room.
All I'm saying, what I saw in this book was basicaly the same stuff I was thought in school or I knew from other sources or my own experience. But it's all in one place.


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>BrightBoy wrote:
>> NOTE:
>> I still have new-old-stock copies of the MAM Book (2nd edition) available for purchase.
>> Email me privately if interested.
>> Cheers,
>> Jeff
>Just to note that I bought a copy from Jeff years ago, shipped to the
>UK, and yes it was mint, really mint, "never touched by human hands"
>Highly recommended reading!
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