[sdiy] move over you 32 bit DACs ...

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Yes you will need 64 bits, but only once... 

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  Brian Willoughby <brianw at audiobanshee.com> skrev: Speaking of jet engines, I went to an AES talk where someone explained that 24 bits is enough to span the dynamic range from  the softest sound that the human ear can pick up, all the way to the pressure wave (of 2 atmospheres?) a couple of miles from an atomic blast. That convinces me that I don't need to search for a 32-bit DAC, much less a 64-bit DAC.     2 atmospheres... Sounds a bit like you're referring to the loudest possible sound in air, 194 dB? 24 bits won't take you to more than 144 dB. And since even 32 bits give a futile 192.6 dB, it seems like the next level will be needed: 64 bits. ;-)   /mr        
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