[sdiy] Older, more complete, uA726 datasheet?

Ben Stuyts ben at stuyts.nl
Sat Dec 3 19:38:53 CET 2022

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> On 2 Dec 2022, at 23:49, Tim Stinchcombe <tim102 at timstinchcombe.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi list,
> I have been looking at the Fairchild uA726 datasheet that is widely
> available on the net, and it struck me that there isn't really much info on
> it about how to select the value of the resistor to use on pin 6 to set the
> temperature. Looking at the archives it is clear that this has been noticed
> before, but then I came across this message which indicates that there *is*
> likely an older datasheet with extra charts which are not to be found on the
> usual one:
> http://search.retrosynth.com/synth-diy/search/lookit.cgi?-v9902.413
> This reply to that post specifically mentions charts which apparently don't
> correspond to any on the usual datasheet found online:
> http://search.retrosynth.com/synth-diy/search/lookit.cgi?-v9902.419
> (Is Terry Michaels still around?)
> I found a large collection of old Fairchild databooks here:
> https://www.rsp-italy.it/Electronics/Databooks/Fairchild/index.htm
> and searching through those only turns up the usual 'cut-down' version, the
> oldest being from 1973. Frustratingly the 1969 databook, which lists the
> uA726 in the contents as being in chapter *6*, only goes up to chapter 5, so
> this _might_ be a candidate for containing the older data..?
> Does anyone here have a really old databook with the uA726 in it which
> contains the 'missing data', or an older copy of the actual datasheet, which
> could be scanned and made available to the masses? (Or indeed is there one
> already out there that I have missed?) After a lot of searching around this
> afternoon and evening, it would be nice to 'plug' this apparent hole our
> collective uA726 knowledge.
> Thanks,
> 	Tim
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