[sdiy] Some Audio DSP prototypes

Jay Schwichtenberg jschwich53 at comcast.net
Thu Apr 21 20:26:49 CEST 2022

My experiences with gdb is really pretty poor so I don't even think 
about using it. When using gdb it crashes more often than not for me. 
Most of the stuff I work on is real embedded and more hardware targeted 
so the hardware gets funky when it's not serviced while gdb is in 
control. About the only time I've really used it was a customer has a 
Linux based system that generates a memory dump when it crashed. We'd 
take that and the memory map from the linker and see where it crashed. 
If it was in my code I'd fix it if not I'd pass it on to the Linux OS 

So I'm more inclined to use serial IO, scope, protocol analyzer or logic 
analyzer for debugging. I've always had at least a scope and some places 
about any piece of test equipment I would ever want.

One big problem when you work with more hardware targeted stuff is not 
changing the timing so asynchronous problems don't go away. Sometimes 
you got to get really creative to do your debugging.

Jay S.

On 4/21/2022 10:04 AM, Steve via Synth-diy wrote:
> Not seeing the point of GDB seems almost akin to not seeing the point of
> oscilloscopes.
> Seeing what happens is kinda handy, no?
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