[sdiy] FW: Some Audio DSP prototypes

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 13:02:01 CEST 2022

Mike wrote:
> I think this shows how important it is to archive copies of all toolsets used to create any projects together with the codeset.  We use a new swappable Windows hard drive for each project to make sure we can still go back even in many years time.   Doesn’t always work if there are time locked licences involved but it avoids files opening with the wrong editor or wrong compiler, especially when we use so many different processors.

Yup, that's called "Configuration Management".  Learned the importance
of that at my first job: at the end of a project you archive
everything you need to recreate the binaries: source code, editors,
compilers, computers.  EVERYTHING.

Especially important in any safety-critical projects where you need to
be able to recreate exact binary copies if needed.


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