[sdiy] Some Audio DSP prototypes

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Hi Eric,

That's fantastic - thanks so much for sharing your projects, it's very enlightening and helpful.

I've been thinking of converting a design to RP2040 from STM32 because of the shortage. It's not heavy on DSP, just controls a couple of I2C DACs, GPIOs, and uses an Input Compare timer. I have been using the STM32CubeIDE with an ST-LINK V2 programmer, and have found it very good, and debugging very convenient via SWD. From what I've searched on the RP2040 so far, the debugging is much less convenient than this. Would you please be able to comment on your programming/debugging setup for it? Is it possible to get something comparable to the STM32CubeIDE/ST-LINK/SWD workflow?

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Hey folks,

A while back there were some lengthy threads that veered off into
discussions of what to do about audio DSP in these times of MCU
shortages. I mentioned some projects with RP2040 and ESP32 that I've
been puttering around with for the last few months. I've gotten them to
a presentable stage now and have published them on my github here:



You'll notice a lot of similarities - that's intentional as I wanted to
be as much apples:apples as possible and it's allowed me to evaluate
them with very similar use-cases.

Overall I prefer the ESP32 for the faster speed and PSRAM, but both
systems are usable and not difficult to work with. Definitely worth
considering if you're casting around for alternatives for the
high-powered ARMs that we can't get these days.

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