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I am not aware that this information was ever available publicly. 
It would be nice to have.... 
Hard epoxy can be removed if the module is dead...   I had a Gentle Electric Pitch to Voltage converter that was 
toast.  I would never have de-potted a working module, but as it was burnt and useless I carefully cut the epoxy away 
to reveal where the magic smoke came from... 
Harry Bissell 

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Does anyone here have the schematics of the ARP 4032 Fixed Filter Submodule (Arp Soloist, Oboe/Banjo/E. Horn presets)?. The 4032 module on my Arp Soloist has problems on the Oboe output and i'm planning to build a replacement module (since these ones are impossible to repair due to the hard epoxy encapsulation) 
Sadly, the excellent site http://www.till.com/arptech/modmain.htm has no more info on this module 
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