[sdiy] Issue with CD4024 Ripple Counter

Ben Stuyts ben at stuyts.nl
Sat Sep 18 15:26:00 CEST 2021

> On 18 Sep 2021, at 14:22, Phillip L Harbison <alvitar at xavax.com> wrote:
> I would check for noise on the clock signal and  noise overall. If the clock has noise, you might consider first passing it through a gate with a Schmitt trigger. If the clock transition is slow you might consider passing it through a comparator configured with some hysteresis.

The 4024 already has schmitt-trigger input. (Not on the reset line though.) Datasheet says unlimited rise/fall time is allowed.

Comparing the CD4024 and MC14024 datasheets, I see quite a few timing differences. I noticed that the MC14024 is quite a bit slower: (@ 15V, Max) 4 Mhz vs 12 MHz.


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