[sdiy] headphone driver for synths

Mike Bryant mbryant at futurehorizons.com
Thu Sep 9 19:12:36 CEST 2021

Hadn’t noticed the 1678 had dropped to that price so yes you’re right.

5532 is $0.09 cents 1ku, Rs &* Cs $0.03, PCB area for it is about $0.015 and assembly $0.02.

So a stereo 2*5532 design costs $0.31 vs 1*1678 design at $0.30.  This assumes you can dissipate any heat within that PCB area assigned, but you’d probably need to increase both designs by the same amount if not.

I’ll definitely change to the 1678 in future.

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Cheaper perhaps in parts, not counting assembly and board space. And the OPA1678 is only about $0.25 in quantity. It's become my go-to audio op amp for all round good specs.

There's also the RC4560 which is about same price as the 5532.


On 08/09/2021 22:23, Mike Bryant wrote:
Yes the OPA1678 has a higher drive current than the 5532, but using both of the pair of a 5532 in parallel works out cheaper than half a OPA1678 per channel provided you don’t mind the 4 times quiescent current (2* per opamp and 2 opamps).
Noise and distortion are very similar, and far below what is audible.

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