[sdiy] DIP LM13700 discontinuation

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Fri May 28 11:36:57 CEST 2021

David G Dixon wrote:
> In 12 years of designing modules, I have never used anything other than
> TL072 and TL074.  No one has complained.

For what they cost they're pretty good opamps, and suitable for many
applications.  Sure, they're not the lowest noise, or distortion, or
offset, or drift, or power consumption, but they are incredibly cheap
(but not too cheap!).  For general use they're hard to beat.

Typical mixing desk these days is TL072 for all but high-gain blocks,
where it's either transistors as the gain elements (mic pre) or 5532
or 5534 for the sum amps.
As an example, https://www.allen-heath.com/ahproducts/wz14-4-2/

Brian Willoughby wrote:
> I consider the Excalibur series of op-amps to be the cream of the
> crop. I assume they're just modern versions of the TL082 and TL072, et cetera.
> TLE2082
> TLE2072

Over-priced for the noise and distortion.  Unless you're an "072"
fetishist with deep pockets there are much better opamps for much less
money.  The mutts nuts right now for audio appears to be the OPA1656,
with the OPA1678 trying to take over the TL072's position.

One opamp I'm having a lot of fun with right now is the TLV9102 in a
battery-powered application.  It's cousin the TLV9152 is astonishing!


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