[sdiy] PCB faceplate large hole creation?

doug at synthark.com doug at synthark.com
Thu May 27 19:32:46 CEST 2021

Thanks for the EasyEDA tip too.  I like that it's Linux compatible 
(Diptrace is not).  I'll see how easy it is to map my mind from Diptrace 
to EasyEDA (Diptrace to KiCAD was a miserable failure).

Doug Huseby

On 2021-05-27 10:38, Mike Bryant wrote:
> If you're not using EasyEDA then make sure you fully check the Gerbers
> they return to you for sign off as you'll find small changes.   Using
> EasyEDA avoids this.
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> Ah, thanks for the tip!  I was overthinking it.  I found the Board
> Cutout layer and built the holes that way.
> BTW, I'm also using JLCPCB.
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> On 2021-05-27 09:23, Mike Bryant wrote:
>> Depends on who is making the PCB.  JLCPCB use a laser cutter to cut
>> any shape in the PCB.  I had some large fan sized holes with
>> crosshairs in my last order.  Best to use the tool of the PCB
>> manufacturer for something like this though
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>> I'm building a jack faceplate, which requires large holes (MIDI, USB).
>> While I can create the holes in my PCB tool (DipTrace), it flags most
>> of the holes as DRC violations (too large to drill, > 0.2"), which
>> makes sense, since PCB fabs probably aren't setup to drill large
>> holes.  I'm guessing my best solution would be to CNC the PCB after
>> it's fab'd (since the USB hole is not circular).  Can anyone confirm
>> or provide a better solution?
>> Thanks,
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