[sdiy] Digikey bags

Steve Lenham steve at bendentech.co.uk
Thu May 27 10:12:34 CEST 2021

Whilst acknowledging that it is not much of a problem in the grand 
scheme of things, what irritates me every time about Digikey bags is 
that they use labels which cannot be peeled off the bags. A clean bag is 
so much easier to find another use for than one with a honking great 
data label covering one side. And it is purely down to their choice of 
adhesive - other distributors use labels which peel off cleanly, leaving 
bags that I can use for shipping parts to clients, etc.

Like you, I still keep them in the hope that they will be useful 
for...something. If you've got hundreds of them then it frankly seems 
unlikely. I do use a dozen or so when stripping down a large, complex 
device, putting each set of screws, etc. into a separate labelled bag: 
"top lid", "internal shield", "power supply to chassis", etc.


Steve L.

On 27/05/2021 08:01, David G Dixon via Synth-diy wrote:
> Hey SDIY Team,
> Sorry to interrupt all the Monty Python riffing, but I've got a fairly 
> unconventional question, which I would guess many of you have also pondered:
> What do you do with all of your Digikey bags?
> I just ordered 100 each of about 54 different values of 1% resistors for 
> my two Dome filter designs, and I transferred the resistors from the 
> bags they came in to the bags I already had brightly labelled in red 
> Sharpie ink.  Somehow, I seem to be left with what looks like about 2000 
> empty bags.  Some of the resistors were packed in 10 bags of 10 inside a 
> bigger bag.  Some were in 4 bags of 25 in a bigger bag.  Quite a few 
> were in a small bag of 100 placed inside a bigger bag with an identical 
> label.
> I can imagine blue Digikey bags flowing out of my doors and windows like 
> so much flood water if I make too many more Digikey orders.  I've 
> already got shoeboxes of the damn things stored all over my garage.  I 
> hate just dumping them in the recycling bin, or (heaven forfend) the trash.
> Cheers,
> Dave Dixon
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