[sdiy] Digikey bags

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
Thu May 27 09:01:10 CEST 2021

Hey SDIY Team,
Sorry to interrupt all the Monty Python riffing, but I've got a fairly
unconventional question, which I would guess many of you have also pondered:
What do you do with all of your Digikey bags?
I just ordered 100 each of about 54 different values of 1% resistors for my
two Dome filter designs, and I transferred the resistors from the bags they
came in to the bags I already had brightly labelled in red Sharpie ink.
Somehow, I seem to be left with what looks like about 2000 empty bags.  Some
of the resistors were packed in 10 bags of 10 inside a bigger bag.  Some
were in 4 bags of 25 in a bigger bag.  Quite a few were in a small bag of
100 placed inside a bigger bag with an identical label.
I can imagine blue Digikey bags flowing out of my doors and windows like so
much flood water if I make too many more Digikey orders.  I've already got
shoeboxes of the damn things stored all over my garage.  I hate just dumping
them in the recycling bin, or (heaven forfend) the trash.
Dave Dixon
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