[sdiy] this chip shortage thing is crazy...

mark verbos markverbos at gmail.com
Fri May 21 14:52:43 CEST 2021

The other day I received a box from Mouser that had 3 button caps in it. When I ordered them months ago they didn’t have as many as I wanted, so I ordered all that they had in stock. I guess they were a few short, so instead of throwing them into one of the boxes I got since (basically every week) they shipped a whole box filled with bubble wrap and a small bag with 3 caps from Texas to Germany.



PS. In the last 2 weeks every part has started to show short supply with delivery dates well into 2022. I can only assume if I want 10,000 TL082CDR and they have 34 in stock and 14,000 on order coming in July 2022 that I will not be the one to get them from that shipment. Things are about to get interesting. I’m now exploring the military and Industrial temperature ranges and asking why a low offset TL082 is more expensive than a TL052 but I digress….

> On May 21, 2021, at 12:45 PM, Roman Sowa <modular at go2.pl> wrote:
> Today I have received one of my orders from Microchip placed in March.
> One part number, but I got it in 9 bags! Each contains chips from different batch with different traceability code so I can understand why they are separate, but it's still crazy. The bags contain between 7 to 180 chips. And those are full size 50x20 bags to fit regular tubes. Imagine seven SSOP20 chips in a big bag.
> Looks like they swiped the floor in every warehouse to find them...
> It was also great fun to watch them change scheduled shippment date. At the time of ordering they were in stock, so yes, I took them all. Next they've sent me like 10 emails changing delivery date all over the place between April 2021 and August 2022.
> But I finally got them, yay!
> Still a couple more orders expected anytime between tomorrow and summer 2022.
> Roman
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