[sdiy] DIP LM13700 discontinuation

mskala at ansuz.sooke.bc.ca mskala at ansuz.sooke.bc.ca
Wed May 19 14:06:59 CEST 2021

It seems Texas Instruments is discontinuing the LM13700N - that is the DIP
version of the part.  Mouser lists it as "End of Life" and links to this
discontinuation notice dated May 12, 2021, with the last order date May
12, 2022:

I haven't been able to find this notice on the TI Web site, which still
shows the product's status as "active," including the DIP version.

CoolAudio makes a 13700 clone and their data sheet describes both DIP and
SOIC versions, but the DIP seems to be a unicorn.  CoolAudio doesn't sell
it on their Web site, neither do any distributors, and a Web search for
the purported part number of V13700D only turns up the data sheet.  I
don't believe it really exists in any way accessible to hobbyists.  Maybe
they'd make it for you if you ordered a million units.

A Chinese manufacturer called "XinLuDa" offers a DIP dual operational
transconductance amplifier called the XD13700, available through LCSC,
which seems to be a clone; I don't know how faithful it is or isn't.  They
do note in their data sheet that there are differences in the buffer units
between the XD13700 and XL13700 (which is their own surface-mount version
of a similar part).  Interestingly, they claim that the DIP version is
better - in which case why make them different at all?

Alfa offers a 3280 clone (data sheet says both DIP and SOIC, but the Web
site only lists the SOIC); and something called the AS13704, which is a
13700-like OTA in a quad instead of dual configuration, and only in SOIC.
Neither can directly replace a DIP 13700.

I think the 13700 may be a bellwether for through-hole packages in
general.  As basically the last OTA to be available in a through-hole
version from a major manufacturer, it has a big share of the market for
through-hole analog electronics.  If it makes sense to discontinue this
product, that means the market in question is now too small to be worth
serving anymore, and that assessment will be applied to other products
too.  Memento mori.

Matthew Skala
mskala at ansuz.sooke.bc.ca                 People before tribes.

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