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> Touch switches are easy to implement but can malfunction. I think Simonton used the same kind of CMOS touch switch you would see in a radio shack book. They usually rely upon AC hum to activate, so might not work well in a Faraday’s cage.
> I had the old Oberheim OB-1 with touch switches. It worked very well. 
> These days you only see them in things like lamps.

How about a cold cathode thyratron (that just happens the be a lamp as well)?

http://www.industrialalchemy.org/articleview.php?item=1084 <http://www.industrialalchemy.org/articleview.php?item=1084>

The english translation of the datasheet describes it as "Intended for working with low signals and like a [sic] ionic relay.":

https://www.gstube.com/data/2119/ <https://www.gstube.com/data/2119/>

Of tangental interest, here's a mains powered clock that uses them in the ring counters:


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