[sdiy] Read/write/save DS1630AB complete partitioned data to a PC file..

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Sun May 2 18:32:29 CEST 2021

Many diyers on this list gave me many tips to 

Replace a DS1630AB partitioned SRAM from my TDS350 scope

And I thank you all.


Now I’m struggling to find a programmer/reader that will 
be able to ‘talk’ to this device..

I already have a multi-programmer that works well for many devices
including micros and RAMS (standard RAMS) but does not
list the DS1630 in its supported devices..

I checked renowned programmers like Logical Devices
and even them don’t support this partitioned RAM IC.

If Anybody have a programmer name to suggest …

That would help a lot !




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