[sdiy] How to explain how negative feedback lowers noise?

cheater cheater cheater00social at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 18:40:52 CET 2021

Hi all,
I'm trying to explain to people at my company (none of whom are EEs or
statisticians) how negative feedback works in a system. That's one
thing that I'm trying to get across, and I can't come up with an
explanation of it in every day terms. All the examples I find in
biology etc seem kind of dubious and not very straightforward -
there's a lot of "trust me on this" as to why it's actually negative
feedback and not some form of other regulation. What's a simple
/physical/ negative feedback?

The other thing I'm struggling with is why negative feedback lowers
noise in an amplifier. That's actually an effect that's relevant to
the work we're doing (it's some maths code stuff) and I just don't
know how to explain it. What's the best way you can explain how this


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