[sdiy] Cheapest good sounding digital reverb?

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Thinking more about this and wondering what would be the sonic difference
between polyphonic reverb and "paraphonic" reverb.
Unless each voice is using a different reverb, wouldn't they sound
identical? A post-reverb VCA will change this, since you can have different
notes gating on and off at different times, but this seems a high price to
pay for a very subtle effect. Polyphonic effects I would be chasing are
delay, chorus, flange, pitch, etc; those which could take advantage of
per-voice dynamic manipulations.

At any rate, I'd love to hear anything that comes out of this, reverb or
otherwise. There is probably lots to discover in this under-explored


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> A few general comments:
> 1. High quality reverb requires a decent chunk of MIPS and RAM.
> 2. Convincing small rooms with short reverb times are the hardest to do
> algorithmically.
> 3. Different reverb algorithms needed for different sources.  (More/less
> diffusion for percussive/pad sounds to trade off density & flutter against
> metallic ringing.)
> 4. 16-channels (or 64 !?) is a _LOT_ of data bandwidth.  Use DMA for the
> You also need a decent size word-length for the storage and calculations.
> Early 16-bit reverbs were very noisy due to build up of quantisation noise
> within the algorithm due to feedback.  Use at least 20-bit storage or that
> funky floating-point RAM that Keith Barr used for the delay memory.  Or
> you
> might get away with noisy reverbs if you're gonna put a VCA (noise gate!)
> after it, but there will always be sounds like a deep mellow bass sound
> that
> will reveal "fizzy" quantisation noise because there's no HF content to
> mask
> it.
> -Richie,
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