[sdiy] Roland KR-375 Service information needed

Ullrich Peter Peter.Ullrich at kapsch.net
Tue Mar 9 08:44:25 CET 2021


I bet it is the same pinout as the pedal for the Roland HP-330 pedal.
You can see the pedal schematics here:


http://rc100-usb.at.tt/   (Roland sampler tool)
http://synpro.heimat.eu/datadial.htm (Synth addon)

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Hello All:

I just rescued a Roland KR-375 Digital Piano in fairly good condition.

I need some service information.  The Sustain Pedal assembly has had the cable unceremoniously chopped off (well, perhaps it actually was some kind of ritual...)

It has a 5-pin DIN socket.  I don't know the pinout, or any other information about it.

I wasn't able to locate a service manual online.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Harry Bissell
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