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You are one sick man, Roman!
This message made me laugh, because, while I don't strictly install
resistors in one orientation -- 98% of them are perpendicular to the length
of the PCB, but a few end up being parallel when required for layout -- I do
ALWAYS orient the stripes of the resistors so that they can all be read in
the same direction -- from the top down in the normally oriented resistors,
and from left to right in the parallel resistors, when the board is oriented
in the direction of my layout file.  In those rare instances when I put a
resistor in backwards, I will always desolder it and turn it around.


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If you are, like me, a person who puts resistors only in one way because the
board looks nicer, you might enjoy this short video I made today.

Or you may hate me, I'm not sure.

And by the way, it's not about resistors, but other lovely components. 



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