[sdiy] ASM-1, Buchla etc pages

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Fri Jun 25 15:03:14 CEST 2021

Feels like 1990's again, I needed that today...

I remember how excited and happy I was back then finding those pages.
Good to have them online, maybe some new generations will gain interest 
in this stuff. Although it's not made in Wordpress, does not take 
megabytes of download for single page and doesn't make a hundred 
connections to other sites on every click, so probably young dudes 
wouldn't touch it with a stick.


W dniu 2021-06-25 o 14:20, Magnus Danielson via Synth-diy pisze:
> Hi,
> As a blast from the past, I have resurrected my webpages.
> The synth-part of them is here:
> https://rubidium.se/~magnus/synths/
> The ASM-1 homepage is here:
> https://rubidium.se/~magnus/synths/friends/stopp/
> The Buchla stuff is here:
> https://rubidium.se/~magnus/synths/companies/buchla/
> The Moog stuff is here:
> https://rubidium.se/~magnus/synths/companies/moog/
> The Oberheim stuff is here:
> https://rubidium.se/~magnus/synths/companies/oberheim/
> The Sennheiser vocoder is here:
> https://rubidium.se/~magnus/synths/companies/sennheiser/
> My set if concept schematics is here:
> https://rubidium.se/~magnus/synths/schematics/
> and you may find various tidbits and broken links in that general corner.
> Enjoy.
> I think I have a few more files to share here and there. If you have
> things which you think would fit in, please let me know.
> Cheers,
> Magnus
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