[sdiy] Iron on front panels

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
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If you are talking about Metalphoto, then I just bought panels from
Metalphoto of Cincinnati for my Freak Shift project.  These are 12HP
eurorack panels, with a collection of different sized holes and black
graphics.  They are very high quality, and the price was very reasonable
(about $6 each for a quantity of 150).  They seal the graphics in with a
scratch-resistant layer.  I'm extremely happy with the look and feel of the
panels.  Not sure if they can do actual photographs, but if you are looking
for module panels, they are very good.


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I see ads all the time for getting photos printed on aluminium. Seems
pretty cheap (the process involved UV cured inkjet.) Not sure how sharp
the resolution is, or how panel lettering would come out.
Anyone have any experience with this service?

paul perry Melbourne Australia

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