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Decal paper is similar to what is described in subsequent postings. You
print with toner on the decal paper and it holds together long enough to
cover with multiple coats of lacquer. I don't remember how many. Then you
soak the paper and apply it as a decal and the lacquer holds as the binding.
You can print any color but white since there is no backing. You can then
coat the whole panel with lacquer although you really can't see the edges.
I've made new legends for Marantz stereos and done some decals on painted
aluminum and wood.

Unfortunately I no longer have a color laser printer.



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I have been fairly successful in the transfer of PCB artwork from my laser
printer to etched board.

Print it out, with regard to mirror x-y, and with household normal iron,
press down the paper printout for a bit on top of the copper board to
transfer it to copper and etch.


Is there a similar procedure that others have used, for front panel



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