[sdiy] How to use an analog time-domain multiplexer?

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Back in the last century (circa. 1979) An Electronics Magazine "Designer
Casebook" example of CMOS switch based analog audio TDM was submitted and


It seems to be a decent model of that described in the original post.

Personally, all TDM i have done was post conversion into A & mu Law
formats.   However, i have accidentally screwed up Audio DAC multiplex
addressing resulting in sending multiple channel data to a single DAC at
the Multiplexed Sample Rate.   The audio quality was surprisingly good.


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> On 04/06/2021 16:37, cheater cheater via Synth-diy wrote:
> > I'm not completely discounting having something like an impedance
> > matched transmission line for the signalling. One thing that I wonder
> > about is, though: what happens if you take the output of a normal euro
> > rack synth - either audio or CV - and feed it into such a
> > low-impedance input? Say the input is 50 Ohm, 300 Ohm, or 600 Ohm. I
> > don't really know what typical output impedances are in Eurorack. And
> > it would be nice to be able to patch a mono Eurorack module into the
> > polyphonic input of this thing.
> If that isn't even the intention why don't you just go for a more
> suitable cable/connector? Just take a regular CAT-7 cable. In addition
> to being cheap and readily available you'd have 4 twisted pairs which
> are shielded, which would be a much better thing to consider than using
> regular audio cables of questionable quality.
> I can already picture people mailing you and telling you how with
> _their_ cable it didn't work. If you don't gain anything from using a
> audio cable, why would you?
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