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On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 1:42 AM Olav Martin Kvern via Synth-diy
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> cheater cheater wrote: "They both vibrate the strings
> electromechanically. A solenoid would power them by literally knocking
> the guitar, using a purely mechanical impulse, and it wouldn't be a
> sustained excitation, it would be a one-time, though powerful, impulse."
> I think you're getting hung up on the definition of "solenoid." I think
> that Brian's using it in a purely electromagnetic sense, not an
> electromechanical sense. These (on the Roland synth guitar and in the
> eBow--or the Sustainiac) are coils that drive the strings via magnetism,
> not mechanical impact.

That's exactly what I'm saying! A keyboard solenoid is a coil
surrounding a metal piston. That piston is mate to knock against a
plate. It creates mechanical impact. Ebow etc use electromagnetism to
create mechanical motion.

> I built a guitar robot that used "solenoid" in both senses of the
> term--solenoids with moving cores to whack the strings; solenoids with
> static cores to drive the strings. Great fun. I'll have to put it back
> together someday.

Nice :-)

> Here's an interesting instrument from Godfried-Willem Raes and the Logos
> Foundation--they use electromagnets to drive the strings and (moving
> core) solenoids to damp them (note--there's nudity in some Logos pages):
> https://logosfoundation.org/instrum_gwr/aeio.html
> Raes commented, somewhere, about slow actuation being a problem of
> magnetic string drivers, but I cannot find that text today.
> See also this fantastic project from list member Ulfur Hansson:
> https://ulfurhansson.com/Magnetic-Harp-Segulharpa
> Thanks,
> Olav
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