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Combination of COVID generating wild unpredicted swings in demand,
COVID-related disruptions to the supply chain, multiple fires as some key
facilities, and environmental conditions (drought) in asia impacting
processes with huge water requirements.  It's pretty much a single
manufacturing ecosystem with finite resources - so shifting those resources
to address shortages in the highest impact/profit areas takes resources
away from more marginal streams.  from what i've heard, expect this to get
worse, and last at least a year

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> On 6/1/21 6:45 PM, Mike Bryant wrote:
> > Double is good !    STM32 MCUs are at ten times the price six months ago.
> jeez.. does anyone have any explanation for what is happening with parts
> right now? I thought the shortage was confined to automotive companies
> that under-estimated their microcontroller orders under the assumption
> sales would slow during covid.
> how is this related to some of us hobbyists scrambling for our favourite
> opamps? Is this toilet paper circa 2020 again?
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