[sdiy] Iron on front panels

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I checked Alucorex on Google and did not see what looks like you described...

This seems similar to "Scotchcal" which has been unavailable for years...

Can you point me in the right direction to find the panel material you
are talking about ?

Harry Bissell

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On 15.06.21 21:10, Randy Dawson via Synth-diy wrote:
> Is there a similar procedure that others have used, for front panel aluminum?

I have tried Alucorex and liked the outcome - it is photochemically 
treated aluminium.

The procedure is a bit like making prints in oldschool 
black-and-white photography: I printed on overhead film, put it on 
top of the aluminium and exposed it to an UV beam.
After that it went into a warm bath of 10% NaOH where the exposed 
parts wash off with a soft brush.
Of course this allows for analogue tricks like pseudo-solarization 
and the like.

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