[sdiy] Iron on front panels

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Wed Jun 16 13:42:09 CEST 2021

I'm pretty sure it's inkjet printing on anodized aluminium before it 
gets sealed. Then it's sealed after printing and cannot be wiped with 
anything except deep scratching with hard tools.
Anodized aluminium is very porous and accepts all kind of ink or dirt 
easily. Sealing means boiling in water, so the delicate aluminium oxide 
swells, closing the ink inside and changes into bemit (Al2O3*H2O).

BTW, the same kind of printer is usually used for printing T-shirts, and 
it's made from modified Epson Stylus printer.

That's how they do those colorful eurorack modules.
You might expect the same resolution achievable on plain paper.


W dniu 2021-06-16 o 13:15, Paul Perry via Synth-diy pisze:
> I see ads all the time for getting photos printed on aluminium. Seems
> pretty cheap (the process involved UV cured inkjet.) Not sure how sharp
> the resolution is, or how panel lettering would come out.
> Anyone have any experience with this service?
> paul perry Melbourne Australia
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