[sdiy] Cheetah MS800 replacing NiCd Varta Mempac

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> On Jun 4, 2021, at 3:43 PM, Roman <modular at go2.pl> wrote:
> That's how it was done by at least one organ maker (like in digital pipe organ), probably Ahlborn or Viscoint - nicad battery placed in a plastic barrel used to carry 35mm film cartridge. Long wires via little hole in the cap going to PCB where backup memory was. It really looked like made in junior class workshop, but it was their regular factory procedure. 

Bally pinballs had a single cylindrical 3.xV NiCd soldered bottom-center of the vertically mounted logic board. Unfortunately, a downward force of 1G was no match for capillary action.

This reminds me of the recent discussion about ICs with corroded plating on the pins. The pinball mentioned above was a Bally "KISS". All of the legs on the ROMs were stuck to the wipers in the sockets. A very reasonable amount of force snapped them off like twigs.

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