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I actually think this would have happened even without the automotive bounce-back, which I've never understood anyway.  If more people are working from home, why buy a new car ?    The jobs that need to be done from an office are often lower paid and those people tend to buy second-hand.

But there's been a huge demand for tablets, PCs and laptops, which suck out supply from all nodes from leading edge for the graphics, processor and memory, down to very old nodes for the audio and power supply.   People are also upgrading the printers, monitors (which use huge numbers of power transistors) and routers that they've had for years.  And if you use it every day you suddenly realise your microwave or toaster really is crap and needs replacing :-)

What annoys me is I get press releases from TI and ST daily highlighting new devices.  Todays from TI was for a new high performance op-amp and new analogue switch obviously aimed at new designs and both look good, but what chance have these of being available in volume in 12-18 months when those designs move to production ?

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On 6/1/21 6:45 PM, Mike Bryant wrote:
> Double is good !    STM32 MCUs are at ten times the price six months ago.

jeez.. does anyone have any explanation for what is happening with parts right now? I thought the shortage was confined to automotive companies that under-estimated their microcontroller orders under the assumption sales would slow during covid.

how is this related to some of us hobbyists scrambling for our favourite opamps? Is this toilet paper circa 2020 again?

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