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as a feature, however, I would really like to use the original scheme as
much as possible and remain analog as possible (apart from midi, lfo and

Il giorno ven 9 lug 2021 alle ore 14:14 Mike Bryant <
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> Well I would suggest at least doing the midi through oscillators out in
> digital.  Definitely easier and cheaper as a single mcu will be powerful
> enough and is needed for midi anyway.
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> Subject: [sdiy] Polyphonic MIDI to CV
> Hi, I'm thinking of creating a string machine starting from a project from
> the 70s. Basically, a replica of an analog string machine with new
> components. The tricky part I think is the full polyphony with the MIDI to
> CV conversion. There will be no keyboard in the instrument but there will
> be midi input connection.
> Do you have any idea, project that does not use commercial modules that
> would be impossible to implement in the circuit?
> Thank you
> Francesco
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