[sdiy] Quantizer project.. incoming CV's switching point to change to quantized output CV's ...

Brian Willoughby brianw at audiobanshee.com
Thu Jul 8 03:35:18 CEST 2021

On Jul 7, 2021, at 11:17, Mattias Rickardsson <mr at analogue.org> wrote:
> Brian Willoughby <brianw at audiobanshee.com> skrev:
>> In order to hit 701.995 cents, I assume you'll need a resolution of 0.005 cents on your DAC. If I'm doing the math correctly, that requires an 18-bit DAC 
> Why not wiggle the bits in order to increase the DAC resolution?
> Wiggling is still allowed, under the right circumstances. :-)

... but then the music would sound symphonic, with all those string players imparting vibrato because their instruments are fretless.


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