[sdiy] Quantizer project.. incoming CV's switching point to change to quantized output CV's ...

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Sun Jul 4 20:44:39 CEST 2021

I think i managed the problem..

Here is an Excel view of some exotic scales..
column B shows the incoming CV voltages 

and column D shows where the tripping points are..

For example:

In the Triad scale,  an incoming key of G (0,5833v) will output a quantized G note
as long as it stay in the boundary between 0,5417v and 0,6250v
and will stay on this key if the next incoming key gets in the pink areas.

Otherwise it will switch to another quantized key.

Or maybe that’s not the way to manage the problem.. 



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I'm starting a CV quantizer design and am wondering

about the following things:


Let's assume a normal quantized semi-tone scale:

All the incoming CV's are quantized to semi-tones like this:

incoming CV 'around' C, output quantized CV -> C

incoming CV 'around' C#, output quantized CV -> C#

incoming CV 'around' D, output quantized CV -> D

and so on..

12 equally spaced output quantized intervals. OK.


But if the quantized scale output is a TRIAD like

C-E-G-C-E-G-C, etc... ( 3 quantized intervals)


where are the switching bounderies of each incoming note CV's 

to change to the next outputed quantized note ?

This question is for ascending and/or descending notes..


Same question for a quantized PENTATONIC major scale output like

C-D#-F-G-A#-C-D#-F-G-A#-C, etc.. ( 5 quantized intervals)


I would think of dividing the octave range with 

equal intervals with the number of intervals

inside the actual quantized scale..

For example: 


That's 3 intervals

1 octave = 1 volt

so 1volt/3 intervals = 0.333v between each quantized notes (??)




PENTATONIC major scale C-D#-F-G-A#-C

That's 5 intervals

1 octave = 1 volt

so 1volt/5 intervals = 0.20v between each quantized notes (??)


But... I don't think that is working this way..

I think I must keep the incoming CV interval sizes

and use them for the quantized switch points.. (???)


Your opinion on that ??

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