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> Then there are the great designs by Thomas Henry. You can buy some books via an online printing service but honestly I was missing explanations in them, mostly just a circuit collection. 
> Thomas Henry - Synth DIY Wiki <https://sdiy.info/wiki/Thomas_Henry>
> The following site is excellent with lots of circuit details:
> Thomas Henry Designs <https://www.birthofasynth.com/Thomas_Henry/TH_main.html>
> Many of his great magazine articles are available for free (just takes forever to download this pdf):
> File:The Reprint Collection by Thomas Henry CC BY NC.pdf - Synth DIY Wiki <https://sdiy.info/wiki/File:The_Reprint_Collection_by_Thomas_Henry_CC_BY_NC.pdf>

That last link is problematic. The server keeps disconnecting and re-connecting. I had to use a download manager which can restart automatically and throttle the speed to 200kB/s. It finally finished after a couple of hours.

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