[sdiy] CV/Gate delay project..

Mike Bryant mbryant at futurehorizons.com
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If the best ADC you can find is $15, then replace the whole lot with a STM32H750 which is a really good 16 bits and processor and DACs all for $5-6.

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Try Mouser.com to quickly find chips based on parameters. I find it easier than Digikey.

MAXIM is a good company, but I can't remember whether I've used their ADC in a project.

I did not mention part numbers for the Texas Instruments ADC that I used, because I don't think you need 1 Msps rates. That chip has an 8-channel analog mux in front, so it's really only 125 kHz per channel.

You might have to settle for 12-bit ADC. I have also worked with 14-bit where price/performance tradeoffs were necessary (but that was still a DAC, where bits are cheaper).

I'll try to take a look after work today, and see if anything significantly less than $15 pops up from a reputable company.

Brian Willoughby

On Jan 29, 2021, at 11:18, Jean-Pierre Desrochers wrote:
> > Don't look for shortcuts when it comes to CV. Get decent 16 bit ADC/DAC. They are dirt cheap now.
> Any ADC chip suggestions ??
> At Digikey, the cheapest 5v supply DIP 16bits ADC is Maxim’s 
> MX7705EPE+ at $15.09US each
> 16 bits DAC’s are cheaper..
> JP
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> delay project..
> Don't look for shortcuts when it comes to CV. Get decent 16 bit ADC/DAC. They are dirt cheap now. And I mean decent, because many new 16bit converters have 13-bit linearity  and sometimes even only 10-bit.
> Might be a challenge if you require THT though.
> Roman

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