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Hi Francesco, 
I am the author of NUEVA GENERACIÓN DE INSTRUMENTOS MUSICALES ELECTRÓNICOS, a book on synthesizers, written in Spanish and originally published in 1977. 
In July 2011 I did a review and posted it for free download on varios sites. 
Anyone interested in taking a look at the content can download the it for free at: 


Greetings to everyone from Barcelona,

Juan Bermúdez Costa

  From: francesco mulassano 
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  Subject: [sdiy] Books, magazines and other paper resource about synths

  After a post in the synth-diy marketplace,  
  a long list of resources has been created which I would like to share here again hoping it will be useful.

  I am looking for books, magazines, zines etc ... for my private collection that will one day become (in my plans) a small library that can be consulted freely here, in my city.

  Feel free to update this list with resource in any language
  Looking for
  - Electronotes - Unfortunately, they no longer ship any materials
  - books on synthesizers, electronic and synthesizers like the books from Delton T.Horn but a human price!

  I am aware that the pdf versions exist, but I am looking for the originals
  Suggested books by me

    - Delton T. Horn - The Synthesizer (i have the italian version "Il Sintetizzatore", i don't know if is the same as the english version)
    - F.C. Judd - Electronics in music (arrived today, very cool!)
    - i have bought this books https://www.dataton.com/shop/the-early-synth-days this deserve every euro! it's a very nice book, with many photos and many electronic details of this synth that was the first product of the dataton (which now produces other things)
    - Arduino for Musician

    And, if you like old electronic magazine (with sometimes things about synthesizers)
    check this incredible collection, click on vecchie riviste (http://www.introni.it) 

    Other maybe useful links (maybe is better to repost in the main synth diy mailing list?)
    http://www.casacarpi.com/Ricerca_risultati.asp search here for 'sintetizzatore'
    then look for the results in the introni website



    To save time, read my post here

  Suggested books by Markus the geek

    that is a great idea to build a library.

    I am on the same search as you and found it really hard to find good books about synth DIY.

    The following is a free download so I understand you could print it out locally. It is a lot better than many newer books tbh since it deals with the discrete elements like op amps and OTAs but also the specialized chips from CEM and SSM that are now available again from the original companies and also as cheaper clones.

    Electronic music circuits : Klein, Barry : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    I also find the whole Music from Outer Space website amazing with discrete circuits and detailed explanations, e.g.
    Music From Outer Space Your Synth-DIY Headquarters

    Then there are the great designs by Thomas Henry. You can buy some books via an online printing service but honestly I was missing explanations in them, mostly just a circuit collection. 
    Thomas Henry - Synth DIY Wiki
    The following site is excellent with lots of circuit details:
    Thomas Henry Designs
    Many of his great magazine articles are available for free (just takes forever to download this pdf):
    File:The Reprint Collection by Thomas Henry CC BY NC.pdf - Synth DIY Wiki

    Maybe check if you can get this one used, I just found one but have not gotten or read it yet:
    Musical Applications of Microprocessors by Hal Chamberlin

    Then I am also looking for the Bernd Hutchins books at list not all the Electronotes like you. I jumped on this thread as well, no reaction so far:
    electronotes/musical engineer's handbook/pcc pdfs - Page 6 - MUFF WIGGLER

    Finally there are some magazine articles available free for download:
    ETI: Electronics Today International. Hobbyist Magazine UK Edition
    Polyphony Issues (Active)
    Digisound Project 80 synthesizer modules | Digisound 80

    And then there is more in terms of electronic basic knowledge and maybe op amps and active filter design, just some free stuff I found.
    Don Lancaster's Guru's Lair Free eBook Downloads

    And some books you have to buy, potentially used or in a older edition:
    The Art of Electronics
    Practical Electronics for Inventors
    Small Signal Audio Design

    please let us know if you find additional treasures, specifically from the birth era of analog synths...


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