[sdiy] Using AS3320 as a CEM3320 replacement in vintage polysynths

Benjamin Tremblay btremblay at me.com
Thu Jan 28 20:18:20 CET 2021

I used the circuits provided in your write-up of the 3320 with the AS320 works great. I think the AS gain cells need a few more capacitors around the reference resistors.

> On Jan 28, 2021, at 1:46 PM, Tom Wiltshire <tom at electricdruid.net> wrote:
> Does anyone have any experience to offer having tried this? Are the old and new chips close enough to be direct replacements? Or maybe with a bit of trimming?
> There seems to have been a lot of focus on the AS3340 as a replacement chip (and there are a few little differences) but I haven’t seen or read much about the AS3320 as a drop-in replacement.
> Of course, changing all the filters to maintain consistency is a possibility, and then you have a few genuine CEMs for the next repair!
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