[sdiy] Dead Unobtainable Concentric Pot, What to do?

Ben Stuyts ben at stuyts.nl
Wed Jan 20 02:02:11 CET 2021

Haha, we both had the same answer at the same time!

Still can’t reach their website. Those idiots have a geo-ip block on my IP address:


> On 20 Jan 2021, at 00:35, Florian Anwander <fanwander at mnet-online.de> wrote:
> Am 20.01.21 um 00:26 schrieb Ben Stuyts:
>> I have looked at State Electronics for custom pots in the past, but currently I cannot reach their website (potentiometers.com <http://potentiometers.com/>).
> https://www.potentiometers.com/index.cfm <https://www.potentiometers.com/index.cfm>
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