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Yes, modularity is not an easy task.

For CE marking it is a self declaration where you declare that your equipment fulfills the standards. Normally you write the standards you fulfill onto this declaration which is normally only 1 sheet of paper, maybe two sheets if you have tested more standards for more complex products... This CE declaration can normally be loaded from the webpage of the manufacturer.

So what we have learned in EMC trainings is that you have to put the CE sign onto your product - even if you haven't tested you equipment.
Why? Because this should limit the penalty in case you get reported by someone. I haven't seen a paper where this limitation is stated - I hope they didn't tell us wrong things. Interesting: https://www.cemarkingassociation.co.uk/how-is-the-ce-mark-enforced/

Back to modularity:
Our company produces also product that allows some modularity so that some interfaces and even built-in optional boards are possible.
When we go to a test house the following test setup is normally accepted:
You test the unit in the full blown version with all interfaces connected and in action.
As this should be the worst case all minor equipped version should also be no problem.
Maybe if the tester says open interfaces could lead to problems he maybe will also test the minimal version in a second test and if both are OK he accepts that the version between minimum and maximum will also make no problem.

For the modular synthesizer module:
You could test your maximum rack with all modules built in and all connectors wired with cables is running in a setup.
All separate moduls should be mentioned in the equipment list and also the rack and also document the connections.
If this maximum setup fulfills all radiated and wired emissions (the wired ones need to be tested on the power lines at least and maybe the output lines to the Amplifier) then you have the first step.
The second step is are the wired and conducted immunity tests you also have to make.
Your equipment shall not be disturbed or destroyed by external signals.
As the second step only harms your equipment it is not that important for the test house - but for you.
The test house mainly focuses so that your equipment doesn't disturb others.


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Not only radiated emissions count, but also conducted - via power cable and plugged patchcords. And maybe I'm being paranoid, but I think your test results document will be then only good for THIS module in THIS case as a whole. So you could only legally sell the module with exaclty this case bundle.


W dniu 2021-01-15 o 11:37, Steven Cook via Synth-diy pisze:
> Hi,
> Thank you for your suggestions. Thinking about it, it seems like a
> Eurorack module would need to be tested in a case, with a PSU. I'm
> thinking that if I sent it off for testing in a small, fully-enclosed,
> earthed metal case, it would be unlikely to fail even if it was badly
> designed, which I'm hoping it won't be! At least that would avoid the
> cost of a retest.
> Steven Cook
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