[sdiy] FCC And Other Testing

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Fri Jan 15 12:06:50 CET 2021

Not only radiated emissions count, but also conducted - via power cable 
and plugged patchcords. And maybe I'm being paranoid, but I think your 
test results document will be then only good for THIS module in THIS 
case as a whole. So you could only legally sell the module with exaclty 
this case bundle.


W dniu 2021-01-15 o 11:37, Steven Cook via Synth-diy pisze:
> Hi,
> Thank you for your suggestions. Thinking about it, it seems like a 
> Eurorack module would need to be tested in a case, with a PSU. I'm 
> thinking that if I sent it off for testing in a small, fully-enclosed, 
> earthed metal case, it would be unlikely to fail even if it was badly 
> designed, which I'm hoping it won't be! At least that would avoid the 
> cost of a retest.
> Steven Cook
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