[sdiy] FCC And Other Testing

Vladimir Pantelic vladoman at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 12:02:17 CET 2021

I recall a story that if you ship something with a product, it gets
tested with that. So e.g. a printer shipped with a USB cable will get
tested with exactly that cable, but if you ship it without one you can
use one that's loaded to the gills with ferrites as part of your test setup.

(your folklore might vary)

On 15.01.21 11:37, Steven Cook via Synth-diy wrote:
> Hi,
> Thank you for your suggestions. Thinking about it, it seems like a
> Eurorack module would need to be tested in a case, with a PSU. I'm
> thinking that if I sent it off for testing in a small, fully-enclosed,
> earthed metal case, it would be unlikely to fail even if it was badly
> designed, which I'm hoping it won't be! At least that would avoid the
> cost of a retest.
> Steven Cook
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