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>From various bits of FCC rules on transmitters :

FCC law does allow for building personal homebrew transmitters. This law is pretty clear that your homebrew is not to be a kit.

The idea behind operating and building without certification is that you are supposed to have the engineering background to be able to homebrew (design from scratch). This means that you probably have the knowledge to insure it isn't interfering with other services. 

Part 15.3(p)
Kit. Any number of electronic parts, usually provided with a schematic diagram or printed circuit board, which, when assembled in accordance with instructions, results in a device subject to the regulations in this Part, even if additional parts of any type are required to complete assembly.

Part 15.23(a)
Equipment authorization is not required for devices that are not marketed, are not constructed from a kit, and are built in quantities of five or less for personal use. 

Whilst the above was stated for radio ham stuff, I think it is (muddily) clear that the intention is that kits that are sold need to be tested at some point, even if the kit doesn't include all the parts.   But remember it has to be a digital device.   A typical VCO or VCF module, whether kit or ready built, should be exempt from testing provided it doesn't have something like a MIDI or USB interface added.

Remember also that if you intend to make and sell power supplies there is another huge raft of regulations to meet.  Some of the Eurorack PSUs I have seen advertised quite obviously fail to pass these both on safety and radiated harmonics.

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Do you know if there are rules concerning kits?

I had always assumed that kits and/or bare PCB projects did not have any regulation.

Now I realize that may not be true.

Does anyone know?

On 13.01.21 13:54 , Neil Johnson wrote:

>> Realistically, do micro businesses selling Eurorack modules actually 
>> go through all these convoluted and expensive test procedures?
> They fly under the radar.  It'll be interesting to see Europe's 
> response following Brexit when some UK-built modules ship across the 
> channel.  And there's plenty of precedence: walk into any PC shop and 
> you can buy all sorts of plugin PCI cards for your PC, all of which 
> will have been tested and ship with a certificate.
> Neil
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