[sdiy] FCC And Other Testing

Steven Cook stevenpaulcook at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Jan 13 10:38:34 CET 2021

Hi, I'm developing a Eurorack synth module which uses a microcontroller. 
I recently asked a question on here about ground planes and someone 
mention it might be tricky to get FCC approval, something I'd never even 
thought about. Having looked into this, it seems like it could cost tens 
of thousands of pounds just to get FCC approval, and that there are lots 
of other sets of rules in other countries, such as CE, Industry Canada, 
VCCI, CNCA, and EASC (to name a few).

Realistically, do micro businesses selling Eurorack modules actually go 
through all these convoluted and expensive test procedures?


Steven Cook

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