[sdiy] My Buchla 700 implementation in Supercollider

Lanterman, Aaron D aaron.lanterman at ece.gatech.edu
Sat Jan 9 11:26:49 CET 2021

Howdy SDIYers,

This list mostly focuses on circuits and not software, but I thought this might still be of interest. I just posted the last video in a four-part series describing my implementation of a rough guess of the Buchla 700 voice architecture in Supercollider:

Introduction: https://youtu.be/8nJk-jv4Xc4

SynthDef (main architecture): https://youtu.be/iXP6akk2FaU

MIDI: https://youtu.be/hQ1UZT4EFN8

GUI: https://youtu.be/395QDPlDZLw 

Here’s the code (which I dedicate to the public domain; do with it as you like): https://github.com/lantertronics/b700ish


I’m really, really impressed by Supercollider.

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P.S. It know off topic, but… I’ve also started a series on quantum computing, if you’re into that: 


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