[sdiy] VCF caps in modern synths

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Manufacture of polycarb capacitors stopped in the late 1990s so I really doubt if anyone is using them now.  I assume it was an old document in dire need of updating to modern capacitor technology.

In most applications you won’t see much difference between C0G and X7R nowadays.  Obviously smaller values for things like filters are C0G/NP0 because of better tolerance but you’ll find large numbers of X7R in commercial products as well.

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Thanks for the chats on this.
Curious to hear that sh101/202 used ceramics. Sounds like this is quite normal in the industry. I would hope that today we at minimum have a predominance of C0G types since they don't cost much more than a cent each.
I was noticed in the ssi2140 docs that "Ceramic C0G/NP0, polystyrene, some polyester and polycarbonate types are recommended".I was surprised to not see polypropylene in the list and also have never heard of polycarbonate types.


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On 2021-01-06 08:56, ColinMuirDorward wrote:

> In the world of hifi/mastering gear, attractive looking WIMA packages,
> non-polar electrolytics, and the like, seem to add credibility to a product.
> I don't see this trend perpetuate in the commercial-synth market, despite
> VCF-fetishes. At

Well, I have seen some suspiciously red and bulky capacitor packages in
Synthesis Technologies latest products, given they generate the sound digitally
they are not VCF or S&H related... but then I don't think Synthech needs to add
extra cred, no?

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