[sdiy] Eurorack Grounding Question

ASSI Stromeko at nexgo.de
Tue Jan 5 19:52:21 CET 2021

Michael E Caloroso:
> In my experience I cannot trust ribbon cable interconnects for power
> distribution.  The wire gauge in ribbon cables is not large enough to
> handle large currents, and the crimp connection at the plug is not a
> reliable enough connection.  Ribbon cable interconnects are fine for
> logic signals where their inherent noise margins make them impervious
> to flaky connections, but not for for critical voltages such as power
> supply or CVs.

These are IDC (isolation displacement contact), not crimp connections (in a 
crimp both the wires and the contact are plastically deformed to yield a gas-
tight connection).  No, IDC is not meant for large currents; it was designed 
for telephone systems originally, which means solid wire, not stranded.  But 
with that limitation in mind it's still a very reliable contact.  Both are 
much more reliable than other types of connections when properly applied for 
their intended applications.

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