[sdiy] Microchip.. for futur projects, choice to do.. PICs or Arduino

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Wed Feb 24 22:10:46 CET 2021

Hi list,

This is off synth DIY topics (but not as much..)
But I'm at a crosspoint here.
I've been a Microchip PIC user for many years so far.
I've designed many projects around 8 bits PIC16Fxxxx devices.
In these last years I used Microchip's development IDE
MPLAB IDE then updated to MPLAB X IDE for the last years.
These environments are well constructed to work in assembly
Or (in my case C code).
To me the weak part of Microchip environments has always been
Their debuggers (ICD2-3, PicKIT3, etc..).
I'm telling that because in the last 4 days I struggled to make
my ICD3 debug a PIC16F1783 as it should without success.
I posted my issues on Microchip's forum and had 'some' replies
Like did you correctly connect your ICD ?
or what length of ICD to board cable are you using ?
but then... complete silence there..
It seems that the interests are mostly aimed to 16 & 32bits PICs.

And... I remembered seeing many posts and videos about how easy
it is to use Arduino as a 'bridge' to get a small project done.
Free user interface/programming environment available.
Final projects on Atmel micros ??

I'm stuck with Microchip unreliable debugging hardware so far.
Maybe there are MPLAB IDE compatible hardware debuggers 
but I doubt it.
So I'd like to hear you about what should I use for my future needs..
Again I'm a 8 bits micro user programming in  C.
If a good choice of Arduino board would help me to faster
develop small projects that would interest me..

Your opinions welcomed.

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